Polkadot pink star magic gummies delivers an explosion of fruity flavors that satisfies your taste bud completely. This mushroom gummy is perfectly crafted to ensure a delightful and exciting experience.

Journey into the world of magic and self discovery with our polkadot pink star mushroom gummies, and explore the intense abilities of psilocybin in a beautiful and sweet form.





Polka dot shroom gummies are a popular treat among candy enthusiasts of all ages. These colorful and flavorful gummies infused with 4 grams of mushrooms are a favorite among microdosers. Their unique appearance makes them stand out from other mushroom gummies. Our polkadot  cherry kiwi limeade gummies contains a proprietary blend of 4 grams of magic mushrooms and other ingredients. Our polkadot gummies are highly potent, and that is what makes them such a beloved treat.

History of Polka dot Gummies

Polkadot gummies were first introduced in the 1990s by the German candy company Haribo. Haribo is famous for its gummy candies, including Goldbears and Happy Cola, and the addition of polkadot gummies to their product line was a natural fit. These gummies quickly became popular in Europe and eventually made their way to the United States, where they continue to be a popular candy. However in the early 20s, these polkadot gummies were completely forgotten until 2018 when we decided to rebrand the product.

What Makes Polka dot Gummies So Special?

These Polkadot gummies are beloved for several reasons. First and foremost, they’re simply delicious. Their fruity and sour flavors are bold and satisfying, and the cola flavor is a fun twist on a classic candy taste. The gummies themselves are soft and chewy, making them a satisfying treat.

In addition to their delicious flavor, polkadot cherry kiwi limeade gummies are also visually appealing. Their bright colors and unique polka dot patterns make them stand out from other mushroom gummies.

Finally, polkadot gummies are a fun and playful candy. Their unique tastes and patterns make them a favorite among microdosers, and they’re a great way to add some color and whimsy to any candy collection.


Polkadot vegan gummies promises to enhance your immune system, giving it a protective or supportive boost. Our polkadot mushroom gummy can naturally increase energy on a daily basis. Polka dot gummy varieties may help athletic recovery, providing extra nutrients that the body needs after tough workouts.

The main ingredient in our polka dot vegan gummies functional mushroom. These functional mushrooms have adaptogenic activity, which provide relief for stress and fatigue.

Our polkadot vegan gummies feature potent combinations of natural compounds that increase energy, improve or enhances immune system functions and help you achieve a better night’s sleep.

Polka dot mushroom gummies improve focus and concentration


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